My Story

The past 4 years (from 2016 to 2020) have been filled with some of the best moments of my life and, unfortunately, some of the worst.  My son was born in March, 2016 and it was a dream…for 24 hours…then my son had some early medical issues and stopped breathing. Luckily, the medical staff were able to rescue him and after a week of incredible care in the NICU we brought him home.  We were a happy family but it was that experience that changed my struggle with anxiety from being a nuisance in the background to being center stage in my life.  Flash forward to September 2018, my then 2.5-year-old son was getting sicker and sicker until we were rushing him to the children's hospital to be diagnosed with the life sentence of Type 1 Diabetes.  Our world was flipped upside down and my anxiety moved from passenger straight into the driver's seat.  These past two years since his diagnosis have been a struggle in ways I could not have imagined but what grew from that, among many new things, was a need for self-care like I have never needed before. 

After much self-examination and many failed attempts to handle my new life, I had an idea.  What if I stopped trying every new-fangled anxiety reducing technique on the planet and think back to when I felt pure joy in my life?  When I started digging into my memories, I remembered that when I was a kid, I loved swimming in the pool all summer long until my fingers and toes were pruney and my eyes burned from the chlorine.  So, I joined a water aerobics class at my local Parks & Rec department.  I also loved to journal when I was young, so I went out and bought myself a fresh new journal, some brand-new colored pens, and I sat down and started to write each day something that I was grateful for.  It was awkward at first, and I had to set reminders to do it, but after a while I didn't need the reminders anymore and it was something I would look forward to each morning when I started my day.  It centered me and kept me focused on the good things in my life.  

This brings me to how I started making candles.  Something I have enjoyed, since I was old enough to play with matches, was having a candle or incense lit in my room. During this time of self-care and self-discovery I found that making candles was not only soothing to my soul but something that I could create and feel excited about.  2020 brought a whole slew of changes and social turmoil to our world so using the time I had available I chose to focus my energy on creating something positive by doing something that brought me peace and joy and Will O' The Wicks was born. 

My focus is bringing creativity and magic into other people's lives through my candles and scented creations.  Each product was designed to invoke a feeling or inspire imagination.  I welcome you to experience what I have envisioned and I thank you for supporting my dream.

 - Kimberly Davis

Owner & Creator of Will O' The Wicks, LLC